The news that Ralf Rangnick has accepted the Manchester United interim role has caused shockwaves in Russia, to say the least.

We’ve had a number of personalities give their opinion about the news on Thursday afternoon, ranging from former Red Devils star Andrey Kanchelskis to the former president of the Russian club Nikolay Naumov.

A few minutes later, it was the turn of former chairman of the board of directors at Lokomotiv Moscow, Anatoly Meshcheryakov, to give his two cents.

Contacted by Championat, he said: “I’m surprised at this news, but these are questions for those made this decision. I’m used to the fact that, in Russia, if a person has some obligations, it is customary to fulfil them, to seeing everything to the end. That’s if, of course, there were these obligations, but this is very surprising news”.

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It’s fair to say there is some shock to all this, especially since Rangnick was only recently appointed the club’s Head of Sports and Development, starting his job in July of this year.

He had committed to it for three seasons, arriving with a whole team at his side to try and help the club head in the right direction, but it seems Manchester United’s offer was simply too good to refuse.

That being said, since it’s only for the interim job, it could be that he simply departs his current role for the next few months before returning.

We’ll have to wait and see, with more news likely to come from Russia in the coming days.