As rumours go, Gonzalo Higuaín going to either Wolverhampton Wanderers or Newcastle United is an entertaining one.

The forward has been a semi-regular starter under Maurizio Sarri, who appreciates the Argentina international, and while an exit could help Juventus financially, the destinations above aren’t top of the player’s list.

Still, Corriere dello Sport look at the situation and mention the reported interested from Newcastle and Wolves without fanning the flames too much.

They simply look at it from a financial point of view, and detail what it would take to acquire the 32-year-old, who only has one year left on his contract (which will not be renewed).

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This means this is the last chance for Juventus to make some money off him without making too much of a loss.

Corriere explain Higuaín and his contract are still worth €18.3m on the Serie A champions’ books, which is the fee they would be looking for on the transfer market.

That’s why Wolverhampton and Newcastle would be ideal destinations for the player from Juventus’ standpoint, since both clubs would be able to afford the fee and give him a decent contract to boot, while a return to River Plate, which would be the player’s preference, wouldn’t bring as much money in the bank.

The only way a deal could be struck with the Argentinian side would be if they agreed to include one of their talented youngsters in the move, with Jorge Carrascal and Julián Álvarez mentioned.

Then again, this is all if we believe the original story of the Premier League duo wanting Higuaín…