The public quarrel between Hakim Ziyech and Morrocco manager Vahid Halihodzic could end with a big turnaround, according to reports from Africa.

Outlet Almountakhab today writes that despite recently claiming he’d not return to the national team, the Chelsea player could soon change his decision.

It’s said that former midfielder Houssine Kharja was the one ‘able to dissolve the dispute’. Acting on behalf of the Moroccan Football Federation, he got in touch with Ziyech and got a positive response from the Blues’ winger, who’s now ‘expected’ to return for the upcoming international games.

The issues between Ziyech and Halihodzic have been going on for months. The manager criticised the Chelsea player for not being professional during international duty, and chose not to call him for important challenges, including the Africa Cup of Nations.

With the boss claiming he didn’t regret not taking the winger to the tournament, the player recently responded by claiming he wouldn’t return to play for the national team.

“At the end of the day, it’s a decision (Halilhodzic) makes and you have to respect it. If all the lying comes with it, it’s for me clear. Like I said before, I will not return to the national team. I feel sorry for (the fans), but that’s the situation right now,” he said in early February.

His decision, however, can apparently change in the coming days.