Despite Sebastian Coates’ frequent quotes saying he’d like to stay at Sporting ;onger term than his loan from Sunderland, it’s no secret the player’s entourage and the club are having difficulties finding a deal.

On loan from Sunderland until the end of the season, the Uruguayan defender will only cost Sporting €5m, thanks to a favourable clause, but the personal terms obviously have to be agreed too.

During these negotiations, even Lisbon rivals Benfica were dragged in, as some rumours from the local press suggested the Eagles would try to sign the 26-year-old.

CapturarThis would be good to Sunderland, who instead of getting only €5m from the buying option, would have the power to negotiate and make a few millions more.

Sporting president Bruno Carvalho spoke about the situation yesterday, and it’s funny to see how the papers reacted differently.

As Record highlights the fact that he’s ‘calm’, O Jogo talks about his discomfort with all this. We’re going with the second option here. These are the quotes:

“Allthe  athletes who are in our plans for the next season will stay. There’s a story being formed around the athlete that doesn’t please me.”

“I won’t get in this war of newspapers covers, it’s already passed the limits. We’ll have the squad as we’re planning, me and Jorge Jesus. We’ll have what we want. Soon we’ll have news about this. I’ll wait and sort it out.”

Bruno De Carvalho is currently in a battle to remain Sporting president, he needs to make sure this Sunderland deal goes through.