Jeremain Lens has been enjoying a good season with Fenerbahce since Sunderland decided to send the Dutchman out on loan. Subsequently Fenerbahce want to keep the player beyond the current campaign but aren’t keen on paying what Sunderland want.

The Turkish club have a clause allowing them to buy Lens for €8m (slightly differing figures have also been reported) but feel that’s too high and are struggling with FFP anyway.

Last week Sunderland media director Louise Wanless was quoted in Turkey as saying: “Lens is a Fenerbahçe player until May 31st. Fenerbahçe’s board will decide if he will stay as their player. If the amount we put forward is not accepted, then Lens returns.

“Either he plays for Sunderland or another club. But we don’t have a verdict on Lens right now. Did we get an offer from a different club from Turkey? Lens is Fenerbahçe’s player until May 31st, I can’t answer this before May 31st.”

Besiktas have also been linked with interest in the midfielder, and it was reported last week in Turkey that a potential swap deal involving Tolgay Arslan could be on the cards.

Monday sees claims about Fenerbahce potentially offering their own swap deal. Turkey’s Sporx report that Fener will first try for another loan deal, and if that fails they’ll offer up Turkish international Ozan Tufan to Sunderland.

A right footed utility player, Tufan’s own opinion on potentially joining Sunderland isn’t shared.

This one is increasingly complicated and Sunderland may have some work to do to make it clear they’re only interested in a cash deal.