There’s no denying that Wahbi Khazri is a confident footballer. The Sunderland owned attacking midfielder is on loan this season with Rennes and given it’s going well, he’s been happy to speak to L’Equipe and blow his own trumpet.

Still with hopes of playing for one of the world’s biggest clubs, the 26 year old is certainly confident in his own ability and has insinuated David Moyes should also have been at Sunderland.

First speaking about a better period under Allardyce, Khazri turned to Moyes: “Then a new coach arrived (David Moyes), he didn’t trust me, I didn’t go into his plans but the fact that we finished with 20 points (L’Equipe point out it was 24) is on himself. He just didn’t like my style of play, it happens. If you don’t change a team that wins, he does not change a losing team. I’m not saying that I could have changed the club on my own, but I could have helped the team.”

Moyes has been slammed previously for dithering somewhat on changes and selection, something which may come around to focus again now the manager is at West Ham.

Khazri moved to Rennes on loan at the beginning of the season and has so far made 7 Ligue 1 appearances and a further match in the Coup de la Ligue. In those 8 games, the player has scored 6 goals, which would have been rather handy at Sunderland around about now.

Asked about accusations of a weight problem whilst in England, Khazri shrugged them off, saying he’s always been the same weight and build and it hasn’t caused problems previously. He’s probably not the easiest of footballers to manage, but perhaps West Ham manager Moyes should have made more of a go of it for Sunderland.