Moving from Paris Saint-Germain to Tottenham towards the end of the transfer window, Serge Aurier’s decision to leave the French capital was both a personal and a career-orientated one.

Bought for what many consider a bargain in the current market, the 24-year-old does come with some rather well-documented baggage, and that’s made more than a few fans quite skeptical about what could happen down the line.

Still, Mauricio Pochettino and Daniel Levy, having seen Kyle Walker leave Wembley to go to the Etihad and team up with Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, needed a replacement, and were prepared to take a gamble.

Describing himself as ‘very, very happy’ about the move at a club that has ‘ambitions’, Aurier explained in a video for Bros. Stories what made him choose Spurs over other clubs.

He said: “I had contacts with lots of clubs, but the most concrete choice was Tottenham. Why? Because the president travelled to Paris to see me to discuss a potential transfer, and that made me happy, because it sends a strong message.

“Then there was the manager who called me to tell me exactly what he wanted from me if I moved there. These were the two things that made choose Tottenham. They also fought here to get me my work permit. There was no reason for me to go elsewhere, because I like people to show me they want me”.

Ready to repay them for their trust, the right-back is also excited to get to play in front of fans ‘crazy about football’, and wants to adapt as quickly as possible.

In his words: “I am happy to be a Spurs”.