Hector Herrera’s most recent transfer rumour is all over Portuguese media this Monday, and Tottenham have been pulled in.

The story is a big deal as it started with a club president. Jean-Michel Aulas, who’s in charge of Lyon, decided to join the transfer market discussion with a show of his opinion this weekend.

When tweeting a rumour regarding Herrera, the president has simply added that the player and his family are keen on moving to Lyon, and he trusts the Mexican international to complete the transfer.

With Herrera becoming a free agent in the summer, this is obviously a big deal, as they could have an agreement already. That’s why every single Portuguese newspaper today has at least a story about it.

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Now it’s interesting how A Bola is the only one who names a Premier League club in the race. They recall Herrera has recently been linked to Tottenham Hotspur, and present the London side as a possible contender.

Truth is that the Portuguese media were caught by surprise by these quotes from the Lyon president. His agent has been leaving open the possibility of a renewal with Porto as well.

Spurs have recently been named by the Italian press as the ‘latest club’ to show interest in Herrera, so maybe the interest is real. Now we wonder if he has an agreement to join Lyon or not, there are plenty of sides interested.