On November 3rd, we covered a report from Italy which poured cold water on Hakan Çalhanoğlu to Manchester United.

There’d earlier been claims, in October, of Manchester United being willing to offer the player a five year contract if he agreed to join them on a free transfer.

At that time it was stated sources close to the Turkey international ‘deny the existence of a real negotiation’.

That didn’t see the end of Manchester United claims, and instead they grew over the following weeks, even getting to the point of reports about an agreement being very close.

Last week, we covered a report from Italy which insisted there was something in it, but also covered the huge salary the player wants to renew his contract with AC Milan. At the time we pointed out it could all be agent games, with an effort to put pressure on the Rossoneri.

Calciomercato now state renewal talks between Çalhanoğlu and Milan have turned into something of a chess game. The player is said to be talking with his agents about reducing the salary demands, to help him find agreement on a new deal.

It’s also stated he’s told friends that he sees his future at the Serie A club, rather than anywhere else. The would all add to the idea of Manchester United being used, and Çalhanoğlu still having the intention to stay at AC Milan.