With Manchester United getting a huge 4-0 win against Chelsea in their first fixture of the Premier League season, there’s much satisfaction with such a good start to the campaign.

One of the players to speak out since is Andreas Pereira, who had the chance to start in the first official game of the season and did well as an attacking midfielder.

He was interviewed by ESPN Brasil after the game, and credited all the weeks of preparation for this result.

“We worked a lot in the preseason with the coach and with everyone,” Andreas Pereira told ESPN’s Natali Gedra. “And it’s very important that in the first game we could win this way, playing well.”

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Manchester United’s intensity, especially in counter-attacks, was much praised by the Brazilian media. And Andreas has explained that besides the tactics, the academy players have made a difference for the team to play this way.

“Yes, we’ve been working on this during the preseason. And it’s the style of Manchester United. It’s the style we have in our DNA. We are from the academy, we had five players from the academy playing today. So that makes it easy. We know each other. On the pitch, it’s like a family. So it’s the style of our game.”

Andreas Pereira played for 74 minutes, and managed to make an assist for Manchester United’s second goal, scored by Anthony Martial. He was replaced by Daniel James, who ended up scoring a goal on his debut.

The Red Devils now prepare to face Wolverhampton Wanderers at Molineux next Monday.