With John Terry calling off his move to Spartak Moscow, having strung the Russian club along for weeks, it opens up the possibility of him signing for an English club again.

Over the past week there have been rumours about a possible return to Aston Villa, and being Steve Bruce’s leader on the pitch again.

That would mean the chance of another derby match against Birmingham City, where Garry Monk is currently struggling to get the season off to a good start.

Cheikh N’Doye won’t be waiting for him. The 36 year old had an altercation with Terry last season when Birmingham City faced Aston Villa, but is now on loan at Angers in Ligue 1.

Speaking to L’Equipe, the midfielder was asked about what happened with Terry.

N’Doye suggests it was all part of a plan to get him sent off, and explained: “It’s true that it’s an image that does not look like me. It never happened to me in France, it happened to me in England, so I’m sorry. He insulted me and caught me first. In fact, it was a stunt.”

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“They did it on purpose. We had the touch, me, I deflect the ball on the pitch, there is one that hangs on the ground and the other (Terry) pushing me… I try to dodge and he catches me, I was stuck, I wanted him to let go, he did not want to let go, and I took his neck… I took a second yellow and he nothing. Apart from that, it’s a championship with a lot of aggressiveness but also a lot of respect and no hassle.”

There doesn’t appear any hard feelings from N’Doye and he made a point of saying just how big Birmingham City’s matches against Aston Villa are: “I’ve never seen such a hot derby. That’s right, the real derby. You really feel that it is intense, the expectation of the supporters, the preparation.

“They accept that you lose all the matches, but not that one.”

Settled in Angers already, it’s unlikely N’Doye will be looking for a return to the Championship, despite enjoying his time there.