Serge Gnabry is still creating waves in Germany. The 21 year old impressed at the Rio Olympics for his national side, and then quickly left Arsenal for Werder Bremen. At that time it confused many as to why Arsenal let the player go, and that confusion still exists somewhat.

There was the danger of losing Gnabry for nothing, but had he wanted to stay then that danger was over. At is was, Gnabry clearly didn’t feel he was getting enough chances to shine at Arsenal, or that the situation would quickly change.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 10.34.26SportBild have an article in their magazine this week which is headlined ‘Gnabry is as strong as Ozil’, and they say that’s the opinion of Horst Hrubesch, who coached Germany to silver medal at the Olympics.

He’s obviously a very big fan of the player, as are SportBild, who say there should already be worry at Werder about him leaving for a bigger club soon, despite just arriving. It’s explained there’s some kind of exit clause, but SportBild don’t go further than that, which is perhaps best given several earlier conflicting claims.

Making it clear how highly they rate the player, SportBild state: ‘He is already linked to FC Bayern. Because Gnabry is one of the greatest talents in European football.

‘Hrubesch even sees a player in Gnabry who can have a similar world level career as his former guardian Mesut Ozil, or Sami Khedira.’

It’s then explained how at Arsenal under Arsene Wenger, Gnabry never really got a chance, and SportBild then say: ‘Hardly anybody believed in Gnabry – except for Hrubesch.’

Hrubesch himself is then quoted as saying: “Serge Gnabry is an exceptional footballer, otherwise Arsene Wenger would not have taken him to Arsenal at the time, and he is fast-paced and has a super technique… He has a quality that you have to search for.”