Barely a day goes by these days in which Manchester City aren’t linked to some lesser-known youngster from the football world.

City have made signing youngsters a priority in recent years, scouring the globe and snapping up any young player that catches their eye.

Quite a lot of their time seems to be spent in South American countries, but they’re likely keeping a very close eye on any talent that emerges in Europe too.

One of those appears to be Real Zaragoza youngster Luis Carbonell if local newspaper El Periódico de Aragón is to be believed.

They have a big piece on the 16-year-old today and explain that, while Carbonell is yet to start his career, his name is already one plenty are excited about.

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He is viewed as the crown jewel as far as Zaragoza are concerned, and they intend to ensure there are no false steps in his development.

First and foremost they’ve already signed him up to a contract until 2023 that not only includes a €1.5m release clause but also ensures that clause will rise to €2m this year and €3m by 2023.

That deal was to ensure they didn’t lose him on the cheap because Barcelona were already sniffing around and thinking about signing him up.

They are not the only ones, with Atlético Madrid, Espanyol, Valencia and Manchester City all also having him on their ‘agenda’.

None of those sides have made a bid for him yet, but El Periódico believe the day will come when an offer will arrive, and it will leave a ‘significant amount’ in the club’s coffers. Whether that bid ever comes from Manchester City remains to be seen.