Austria national team manager Marcel Koller is under pressure in his job, with there being many questions asked about his tactics during the last two international breaks.

Players have been used out of their usual positions and it’s fair to say the experiments haven’t exactly gone well. There have been calls from former Austria internationals for current players to make it clear they don’t want to play out of position, but nobody has been brave enough to speak out yet.

Stoke City star Marko Arnautovic hasn’t been shunted around too much, but he’s made it clear he’s ready to play wherever he’s asked… even in goal.

Quoted by Austria’s Laola, the Stoke City player said: “I play wherever the coach puts me, and if I help the team, I’ll play in goal, too. Wherever you play it’s your job and you must give everything!”

Arnautovic built a negative reputation during his early career but the 27 year old is a much calmer footballer at Stoke City. With Austria, he’s now one of the senior figures: “I’m trying to help the team on the pitch and outside, I do not know if you can say I’m a leader, but of course I’m trying to take the team with me… and I’m a human being and a player, I try to bring everyone together and be a leader.”

Even Koller isn’t likely to play Arnautovic in goal, but it would certainly be entertaining to see the Stoke player have a go there.