It feels like Jese Rodriguez has been looking for a new club almost continually since just before he moved to PSG.

Real Madrid weren’t too keen on mapping out a future for the striker, so a new home had to be found. Upon arrival in Paris things went wrong remarkably quickly and then he went off to Las Palmas on loan.

That didn’t go too well so it was back to PSG, who weren’t at all keen on keeping him around, and then it was Stoke City’s turn to join the list.

If Jese had succeeded at Stoke it’s a fair bet he’d have been looking for a more glamorous option quickly, but things have been the exact opposite. Now El Gol Digital say the player has sent his representative around Spanish clubs, trying to find a new home yet again.

Stoke will be glad to see the back of the player, and it’s claimed Betis are one of the clubs being approached. Las Palmas would have been on the list too, but they’re facing relegation, perhaps a curse that Jese also took to Stoke.