Bild have a big article on the future of Kevin Wimmer, and it’s taken over by them talking about Denise Coates, founder and joint chief executive of Bet365 and by extension named as Stoke City owner.

Coates is presented as a ‘betting billionaire’ and it’s explained that despite Wimmer being close to a loan to Hannover 96, the Stoke City chief is ‘gambling’ and now wants a better deal.

It’s all quite forced.

Rather than a loan, it’s claimed Stoke have now insisted on a permanent deal, despite previously giving the nod to a temporary transfer.

At this point it’s worth noting that a couple of days ago Hannoversche Allgemaine reported the opposite, that the big fee Stoke had paid for Wimmer meant only a loan was possible at this point.

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Coates ‘seems to have interfered’ with the transfer report Bild, repeatedly, but they end their article with ‘Mrs. Coates is apparently ready to reconsider her rent-a-veto.’

To be quite honest, it feels like Bild have got excited after finding out that Stoke’s owner is a billionaire who built a gambling business, and who also happens to be female, and have built a story around that before completely backtracking at the end.