On Tuesday morning, Italy’s Calciomercato decided it was going to be a ‘decisive day’ in the future of Gerard Deulofeu. It was even claimed Everton could give AC Milan an answer by early afternoon, so the transfer, albeit a loan, could then be completed quickly.

It was all very optimistic and Calciomercato explained that Milan’s Adriano Galliano was working on the matter, and meeting with agents who were building the Everton deal.

By  mid afternoon Calciomercato were claiming there was growing ‘growing optimism for the success of the deal… It only waits for the response to Everton’, which is a pretty important part of the potential transfer.

At that point it was claimed Milan’s offer was a dry loan, contradicting their earlier claims of a loan with right of redemption.

By early evening, the optmism had been tamed, with Galliano quoted as saying: “Deulofeu? We are still negotiating.”

There’s still been no ‘final answer’ from Everton.

So, despite this being a ‘decisive day’ on Deulofeu to Everton, there appears to have been little, if any, real progress at all.