Former West Bromwich Albion midfielder Claudio Yacob has warned Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani that he faces a rough ride if he makes the move to Argentina.

Cavani has been heavily linked with a move to Boca Juniors over the last week, with it claimed his entourage were expecting a move at some point.

Further fuel has been added to that fire in the last few days, with the Manchester United man’s father claiming yesterday that there is a 60% chance he’ll change clubs this summer.

That was revised today with it explained that Cavani is now expected to stay at Old Trafford until 2022, despite the ‘real interest’ in him from Boca this summer.

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If he does end up in Argentina at some point, Yacob, who made the move to the country in January this year, has warned him to expect things to be much tougher than they are in England.

“The disadvantage he may have is that he doesn’t know Argentine football; here they step on your head. I had to live through it El Ratón, Ayala,” he told Ovación Digital.

Whether Cavani does end up swapping Manchester United for Boca this summer remains to be seen.

At this moment in time, it appears his decision is flip-flopping, although really the power remains in United’s hands.

If they manage to sign a top-level striker this summer, then their need to keep Cavani will be reduced significantly, perhaps paving the way for him to head to Argentina.

A failure to do so, though, could see them elect to keep him around for another year and avoid the kind of head-kicking antics Yacob has experienced.