Given Mo Salah’s season for Liverpool, Spanish imagirumour websites must feel duty-bound to link the growing superstar with a move to Real Madrid.

The English media have done it repeatedly, but then they would, yet over in Spain it’s taken some getting off the ground. Salah is appreciated throughout European football given his efforts at Liverpool, but the lack of rumours is largely down to how difficult it would be to get him from Liverpool.

When even Don Balon struggle to push the rumour, that shows how the situation is. The Spanish website says that whilst Real Madrid like Salah and feel he’d be good for them, his ‘two conditions’ for a move can’t be met.

That’s a guaranteed starting place and a salary second only to Cristiano Ronaldo.

It’s of course nonsense, the real reason Madrid would not be focusing two heavily on Salah would be how hard it’d be to get him from Liverpool. The same situation with Harry Kane at Tottenham.

So whilst the English tabloids talk up such moves, even the wilder corners of the Spanish media are reluctant to believe it could really be a thing.