Premier League side Aston Villa became a topic in Brazil’s sports media last night, as a social media fight about the club’s magnitude took place.

That all started with Neto, a Corinthians legend and now pundit, who has nearly two million followers on Instagram.

He didn’t like the fact that Douglas Luiz was called up by Brazil and made some comments on his TV show Donos da Bola.

Douglas Luiz became aware of that, and on Twitter, called Neto ‘the clown of television’.

That’s when Neto went on Instagram, and not only attacked the player, but Aston Villa as well. He compared the club to Portuguesa Santista, who are a traditional non-league side in Brazil.

“Douglas Silva, ops, Douglas Luiz, who plays for Aston Villa, a Portuguesa Santista who speaks English, says I’m the clown of television,” said Neto on Instagram (via UOL).

“His last goal was in January 2020. Are you kidding me, who are you next to me? If I’m the clown on television, do you play ball?”

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So Douglas Luiz came out in defence of his club, calling them ‘giants’.

“I didn’t like the way he said it again, he said that Aston Vila are a Portuguesa Santista who speak English. I looked at his resume and he hasn’t played in any big team outside Brazil. Who’s Neto to talk about Aston Vila, who for me are European giants.”

“You, Neto, you didn’t play anywhere, you talk too much. I don’t know who gave you the nickname of crack. But it’s fine, life goes on.”

With Douglas’ response, Neto stopped the fight, even though there’s a big chance this could continue in Donos da Bola once it goes live this afternoon.