On April 9th, Paris United reported Paul Pogba has changed his mind about a potential return to France and is rather tempted about the idea of teaming up with Neymar, someone he’s said to consider a friend, at PSG.

PSG were said to have talked about the possible signing, and it was claimed Manchester United would consider a good offer, but that was it, no huge claims.

Just two days later, on Wednesday evening, came more claims from Paris United.

They refer to their earlier article, saying they ‘recently’ mentioned chatter within PSG about Pogba, and then add: ‘Finally the stage of mere consideration has been passed and the discussions are effective. We can now say that contacts exist between Mino Raiola, the representative of Paul Pogba, and the Parisian leaders.

‘The profile of the Mancunian pleases the high spheres of the club who have also confirmed that the operation is feasible vis-à-vis financial fair play. On this point, both in terms of sales and sponsorship contracts, serenity reigns in the corridors of the club.’

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Pogba himself is again said to be keen and ‘proof’ of this is that he asked PSG players at the recent France national camp about Ligue 1 generally and the club specifically.

There’s now been claims, in less than a week, that Raiola has spoken to Manchester City, Real Madrid and PSG about a potential Manchester United exit for Pogba. That in itself isn’t so shocking, but Paris United’s update that things are going further is a new angle.

With a book out and a website launched, Paris United are hyping up their rumour pushing and, after a good first summer, there’s going to be a lot of eyes on them.