While playing at Wembley or stadiums of similar stature is a regular common occurrence for Tottenham players, it isn’t for their small Belgian opponents in the Europa League.

Picking up a surprising 1-0 win against Mauricio Pochettino’s men in Belgium, KAA Gent know it will be difficult to keep the likes of Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen at bay in London, but they’ll undoubtedly give it their best.

One man who was critical in Gent’s win was attacking midfielder Danijel Milicevic, who provided Julien Perbet with the assist to allow the Frenchman to put the ball past Hugo Lloris.

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Sporting the number 77 on the back of his shirt, the 31-year-old posed in a tux in front of an Aston Martin for Het Belang Van Limburg ahead of the game as “0077”, in a tongue in cheek reference to James Bond, one of his favourite heroes.

He said: “Playing football at Wembley will feel like the thrilling final scene in a Bond film, but the main reason why I want to walk out at Wembley as Bond is because he always wins in the end.”

The Bosnia-Herzegovina international admits playing in the mythical stadium, against a team like Spurs, is something not many people get to do, and he’s determined to make the most of it.

He added: “Wembley. That word sounds magical since I was a child. I heard that it was the most beautiful stadium in the world with the best pitch, and that it’s every footballer’s dream to play there. Today is the day. What more can I wish for?”

Milicevic, other than being key in the win in Belgium, has been an integral member of Gent’s side this season, scoring eight goals and assisting teammates 10 times in 37 appearances.

Normally celebrating his goals by shooting an imaginary bow and arrow, were he to score against Tottenham on Thursday night, would he celebrate by mimicking the iconic Bond stance?

Our bet is on yes.