Unless he renews before July, Timo Werner will have less than a year left on his contract in the summer.

That would present an issue for RB Leipzig and the likelihood of trying to find a transfer rather than seeing their player sign a pre-contract agreement the following January and move in the subsequent summer for free.

The 22 year old striker has 13 goals for his club so far this season and it’s likely there’d be interest, although his star possibly isn’t shining quite as brightly as it once did.

This week’s edition of SportBild has taken a look at the possible destinations for Werner and with the help of tactics expert Constantin Eckner they’ve come to the conclusion that Liverpool would be ‘perfect’ and suit him best.

SportBild have rated destinations out of five stars, and Liverpool get the lot. RB Leipzig only get four, Borussia Dortmund get four and a half and Bayern Munich get just two. Other potential destinations such as Barcelona, Manchester City and PSG are pretty much dismissed.

So why Liverpool? Well, it’s thought Jurgen Klopp and his tactics would be ‘ideal’ for the young forward. However, the reasoning is curious.

It’s Mohamed Salah’s position which would be ‘optimal’ for the Germany international, and the Egyptian would then be played on the right.

Salah has mixed his time between central positions and on the right for Liverpool’s attack, and SportBild don’t even mention the existence of Roberto Firmino.