The international break is over, and footballers will now be heading back to their clubs to get ready for the next match.

Some will be doing so with a spring in their step, and Mateusz Klich is among them. Called up after a four year national team absence, the Leeds United midfielder was relishing his chance.

His first performance, against Italy, received mixed reviews in the Polish media, but Klich was everywhere. There was intrigue in this in-form player returning, a new and improved footballer, shaped by the legendary Marcelo Bielsa.

It Bielsa this and Bielsa that, Klich himself spoke about his new manager in great terms. Feeling fitter, a core requirement of the Argentine boss, the Leeds player told the Polish media he’s been instructed to make everything more intense… midfielders can’t stay still in a Bielsa system.

On the bench against the Republic of Ireland, the 28 year old came on as a second half substitute, and scored a late equaliser. So back all over the media he was, and it’s safe to say Leeds United will be having a few fans from Poland tuning in to their matches over the next few months.

Poland’s Sport Dziennik have gathered some expert opinion about the country’s international break, and asked Andrzej Rybarski, sports director of Podbeskidzie, a Polish first division club, about Klich.

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Rybarski said: ‘There is no doubt that he is a creative footballer who has high technical skills. His performances against Italy and Ireland can be evaluated positively. It was his play and the shot that gave us the second draw. Generally, he is a very interesting solution. Football requires physical work. Mateusz Klich, in recent years, matured in football. He developed and his moment in the Polish national team came. Time will tell if he will be a permanent solution for our national team. He certainly has potential. He can play quickly, for one touch, and out teams needs this kind of player.’

If it’s possible that one man could package the Klich thoughts of the Polish media into a few sentences, then Rybarksi has managed it.

Mateusz Klich is at crucial career stage. He says he’s matured, he talks brilliantly about the game, and looks fitter than he has for years… the Marcelo Bielsa impact could be big for him.