The protest Everton fans are preparing against the Premier League’s ten-point deduction is getting big coverage in many places, including Spain.

Today, Marca highlights how ‘incredible’ the supporters’ effort has been, as they’ve now raised €30k to fund actions, presumably banners etc, during the match against Manchester United at the weekend.

The outlet points out that the Premier League’s decision ‘unleashed the anger’ of Everton and their fans, who believe they’re being unfairly treated given the punishments that other clubs previously suffered.

Marca gives the spotlight to Toffees’ supporters who raised that amount in less than 48 hours, hoping to increase those numbers in the coming days and build an even bigger protest for the match against the Red Devils.

There’s clearly big interest from the European media on this matter, as many clubs are often on the brink of violating financial rules in all major leagues.

The Premier League’s attitude towards Everton is being taken as a scary example for those who might be afraid of the punishment they could get in the future, with other teams also at risk if found guilty.