Tottenham Hotspur’s recent round of contract renewals has impressed more than just fans of the Premier League club. First up was Mauricio Pochettino, and then a regular queue of players leading up to Harry Kane.

Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo explain it shows how Tottenham have clearly set their stall out as ‘not a selling club’, with the last exit Spurs weren’t happy about being Gareth Bale’s move to Real Madrid.

The Welshman had to push for a move and Real Madrid pay far more than they’d originally intended to. Clubs know it’s simply impossible to take a valued player away from Tottenham without a huge fight, and even the fight may prove fruitless.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 11.02.50That in itself helps scare clubs off, as Mundo Deportivo concede, and even the biggest sides around Europe back away. Harry Kane’s new contract lasts until June 2022. By the time the England international comes to the end of it he’ll be nearly 29 years of age.

Christian Eriksen will be 28 when his contract ends, and six year contracts were given out to others. If Tottenham and Daniel Levy retain the same stance on sales as they’ve shown in recent history then much of the core of the team is secured for many years ahead.

It’s a practice Munco Deportivo are clearly impressed with.