Fancy some Manchester City praise to brighten up your Wednesday morning?

Well, you’ve got it.

Marca have an article singing the praises of Pep Guardiola’s side, PSG and Barcelona.

The ‘untouchables of Europe’ are seen as the sides dominating their respective leagues, and Marca say that across the continent’s five major leagues, ‘three cars have started their competitions accelerating and haven’t stopped yet – they haven’t suffered breakdowns and their engines roar and are reliable while their rivals have skidded and have to stop in the pits’.

Marca is great.

Jon Prada, a journalist for the Spanish newspaper, has been asked to given his bit on the wonders of Manchester City: “Guardiola’s orchestra doesn’t need tuning. The style of City, with its nuances, increasingly resembles Pep’s Barcelona. Total, offensive football that drowns the opponent and controls passing to score. Unbeaten and collectors of goals, it’s the best start of their history, the Premier and Guardiola. They are leaders with eight points of advantage and they roll in the Champions League. De Bruyne, Silva, Kun, Sterling, Sane… a roller.”

A graphic celebrates the individual teams and stars within it, with PSG’s ‘tornado’, demolishing opposition, given equal credit to Manchester City and Barcelona.

Despite Marca being seen as Real Madrid leaning, they’re generally not as petty as their cousins at the Catalan sport media, so it’s easier to send praise the way of Barcelona and, via City, Guardiola.