From the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018, there had been fresh rumours in Spain saying Liverpool were keen on signing Dani Ceballos from Real Madrid.

Although most of the stories came from doubtable sources, the articles claimed that signing the Spaniard was a plan from the Reds to replace Philippe Coutinho.

The deal never seemed close, as no reliable sources confirmed the talks, but now it has apparently been reawakon by the Spanish media.

The information was claimed during the El Chiringuito show last night (via El Bernabeu), where Cristóbal Soria revealed that it was Ceballos’ will to join Liverpool.

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The journalist says the player wanted to make the Premier League move, but it Real Madrid ended up blocking it. He claimed that ‘something is happening’, as this decision could affect other transfers of the Spanish club.

Now we all know how El Chiringuito have a taste for sensationalism, and most of their stories are about huge transfers that never happen. However, it’s quite interesting to see this information being released a month after the move was supposed to happen, maybe with someone leaking this eyeing a summer move.

Ceballos was linked to Liverpool back in 2015 when he was at Real Betis and coming towards a free transfer. The Merseyside club were said to have offered the youngster a house, car, and €1.5m a year in wages.

If those claims were true, and they seemed more reliable than many since, it’s possible there’s still some line of communication between Ceballos’ camp and Liverpool. A transfer now would be rather more costly.