Wolves have been promoted. Yep, you heard it here first, or second if you’re a reader of El Gol.

The Spanish media outlet have an article on Wolves and Diogo Jota, which is something of a rarity in Spain.

Given that the highly rated 20 year old is supposed to be on the verge of signing for Wolves from Atletico Madrid, and there’s no reason to doubt that, the coverage in Spain has been somewhat sparse.

El Gol are doing everyone a service, and filling the gap in the market, but what they’re filling it with is questionable. It’s explained that Atletico are set to lose Jota to a Premier League club… Wolves.

Yes, congratulations everyone, it was a rapid season.

Jota to Wolves is a ‘bomb’ of a transfer, say El Gol, and it’s even stated the Championship club are thinking of presenting a €20m offer for a permanent transfer.

Apart from that, there’s really no new word in Spain or Portugal, where it’s just assumed Jota to Wolves is rumbling on.