On Thursday, Valencia made an official complaint to UEFA because they weren’t happy with how their symbolic bat was going to portrayed on a tifo held by Celtic fans.

UEFA threw the complaint out, seeing no issue they needed to get involved in, and then on the pitch the Spanish club outclassed their Scottish Premiership rivals.

There’s no bad feeling between the two sets of fans, regardless of Valencia getting uppity about a bat, and Super Deporte report that, actually, a special relationship seems to have been formed.

At the end of the match, with Brendan Rodgers men having lost 2-0, it’s explained there was a ‘magical moment’ as Celtic fans applauded the away support.

Super Deporte, Valencia’s local sport newspaper, believe it was partly down to the excellent performance and partly because a nice time had been had by all, with no trouble at the game or in Glasgow.

Fans are said to have exchanged scarves, and then the travelling Spaniards chanted ‘Celtic, Celtic’.