Unlike Aaron Ramsey, Adrien Rabiot has yet to find himself a new club despite being out of contract at Paris Saint-Germain a month from now.

The France international is reportedly receiving offers upon offers, but no decision appears to have been made as of yet, probably because new clubs seem to keep adding themselves to the list on a semi-consistent basis.

Clubs such as Barcelona, Tottenham, Juventus and Manchester United have supposedly all been knocking at his door at various times, and it’s the latter of that list we’ll be focusing on today.

Mundo Deportivo published an article on Wednesday about Real Betis joining the fray, and throw a mention of the Red Devils in their subtitle, claiming the player was ‘managing an offer’ from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team.

The thing is, the article isn’t based on their information, but Diario de Sevilla’s, who were the ones to break the La Liga side’s alleged interest in Rabiot.

Taking a closer look at the local newspaper’s report, it’s clear to see Manchester United aren’t mentioned in it once (even in the paper edition), meaning that part about the Red Devils must be coming from Mundo Deportivo, right?

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Well, the fact the Catalan outlet also mention interest from Barcelona, their local team, in their article would suggest the Old Trafford based club are going head to head with the La Liga champions.

That, we’d assume, would be a big deal in itself, maybe one worthy of an article of its own.

However, they haven’t done that as far as we can see, meaning Manchester United have probably just been chucked in there based on past reports (and their need for a midfielder).

The issue here is that those are scarce, with the last serious mention of Solskjaer and co. being keen on Rabiot (as far as we are aware) coming from L’Equipe just under three weeks ago, and even then there was no mention of offers.

Just, well, interest in case they have to replace Paul Pogba.

We aren’t saying Manchester United aren’t interested in Rabiot, as they very well might be, but since there appears to be very little urgency in the Frenchman’s camp to get anything done and Real Betis are hardly the strongest competition for the Red Devils, it could just be that Ed Woodward and co. are looking at other options before falling back on the Paris Saint-Germain midfielder if they don’t like what they see elsewhere on the transfer market.