Following the shock of yesterday’s news about Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona, today is the day where the world football media wonders where the Argentine star will land next.

With Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola turning down the claims that the club would be interested in his signing, everything seems to point to Paris Saint Germain, with reports from Spain saying there are already talks with the French side.

However, a story from AS now says there’s another club having a shot at the signing, and that’s Chelsea.

The outlet writes that the ‘earthquake’ about Messi has convinced Roman Abramovich to ‘set eyes’ on the player and ask for an ‘urgent meeting’ with his entourage.

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The talks should be handled by an English intermediary who’ll probe the ground for the signing. It’s said Chelsea know they’re behind PSG in the race, but have the resources for big operations as well.

AS reiterates that the Blues are in talks with Inter Milan for the signing of Romelu Lukaku, and says the club are working on Messi’s case at the same time. They want to at least listen to his demands and analyse if his arrival at Stamford Bridge is possible.