Spanish newspaper AS has a look at Atletico Madrid’s loan players in their Sunday edition, and probably the brightest spark right now is Jonny.

Signed from Celta Vigo during the summer window for €7m, Atletico got the player at a knockdown price because he only had a year of contract left and a renewal was looking unlikely.

Before sealing the signing, the Spanish club had already arranged to loan the fullback to Wolves, and AS say he’s ‘slotted perfectly’ at the Premier League club. In the planned sense it’s working out brilliantly for Atleti, who will know Jonny’s value is already way above that €7m they paid.

Wolves are providing a finishing school, paying for the privilege, and have no right to sign the player permanently. It’s the perfect deal, apart from Atletico’s recent issues with their own fullbacks, which suggests Jonny would have got a chance.

AS point out that Jonny has been working well with Diogo Jota, and it’s then claimed that whilst the La Liga club no longer own him, they do have a clause which entitles them to a percentage of a future sale.

That could be another deal which works out well for Atleti. But, as long as Wolves are benefitting from these deals too then there’s going to be no complaints.

A happy Jorge Mendes ship.