If you thought a footballer saying he’s very happy at his club and then signing a new contract would end speculation about his future then you’d be very wrong indeed.

With Antoine Griezmann recently renewing his Atletico Madrid contract, and seeing his buyout clause rise from €80m to €100m, El Confidencial have pointed out that sometimes a new contract doesn’t mean a player is staying, and could mean the opposite.

A new contract can also be a club preparing a player’s departure, as long as all parties involved have that agreement beforehand. So Griezmann may have signed a new deal in the knowledge it would just get Atletico more money.


It’s a long shot, but El Confidencial think it’s possible, although they don’t say it’s likely. Interest from Manchester United and Chelsea is mentioned, which was first reported in France, and of course PSG are keen.

Maybe none of those options would tempt Griezmann enough. With the English clubs there’d be no Champions League football, and PSG would mean playing in Ligue 1.

El Confidencial also say that Barcelona could be interested if they sell Neymar for his buyout clause, €190m. The better Griezmann plays at Euro 2016, the more attractive such a prospect looks.

Both players are very talented, but if PSG were to pay €190m for Neymar, and Barcelona then spend €100m on Griezmann, it would look a pretty good deal.