It’s no secret that the Spanish media is a great source for the biggest rumours of the transfer window. Not all of them are true, but there are always big clubs and players involved.

This week, El Chiringuito reports that Real Madrid have made an approach to sign Sadio Mane from Liverpool, which isn’t exactly a new story.

Now the surprising claims are that in exchange for the Senegal international, the Reds would have asked for Brazilian youngster Vinícius Junior.

Real Madrid would have denied the counter offer, saying ‘no is no’, and El Chiringuito put it in a way as if Liverpool’s demands were absurd.

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The replies to that tweet are pretty good to have a laugh, though. One of the best says ‘if this is true, then Liverpool are more on drugs than Chiringuito’.

El Chiringuito get a lot of their stories wrong, although they do have some credit for good information once in a while, such as Zinedine Zidane’s return to Real Madrid.