Deep at the bottom of a report on the future of Malaga’s Sandro Ramirez, Estadio Deportivo have relayed a claim about Joe Lewis.

That’s Tottenham owner Joe Lewis.

The battle to sign Sandro from Malaga is heating up. First it was claimed he’d agreed a deal to sign for Sevilla, then that was discredited. Then Sandro reportedly agreed terms to sign for Everton, and that was disputed. Now, Estadio Deportivo say Sandro wants to join Atletico Madrid, on the condition their transfer ban is dropped.

From the Tottenham perspective, Lewis is said to have taken matters into his own hands and ‘was in Malaga last week’ to negotiate for Sandro. There’s no update, just that he was there and made efforts.

It’s difficult to fully believe.

Mauricio Pochettino has been credited with interest in Sandro since the player was with Barcelona. If Tottenham want to sign him they’ll have to pay his reasonable €6m release clause.

Negotiations with the player would be on wages, and, perhaps more importantly, selling him the Tottenham dream. For all Joe Lewis is undoubtedly good at, it would surely make more sense for Pochettino to present the project.