Some people in Valencia didn’t take Rodrigo’s transfer to Leeds United very well, and are raising some doubts about how much the La Liga side are really making from the transfer.

Earlier today, the club’s former vice president Miguel Zorio spoke to Marea Valencianista about the case. They’re a group which is opposed to Peter Lim’s ownership.

Zorio not only criticised Rodrigo’s move, but also claimed that the player’s former club Benfica are getting 25% of the €30m paid by Leeds United.

Since Valencia also spent €30m to take him from the Eagles five years ago, that would mean they’re selling him for less than what they paid.

The Spanish side were quick to take a position and dismiss those claims. They took to Twitter to say these attacks are only trying to harm the club’s image, as well as Peter Lim’s.

Really, they don’t need any help in that regard.

If Valencia are going public to dismiss it, it seems unlikely they’re lying, otherwise they’re going to look rather foolish if it’s proven otherwise by the Spanish or Portuguese media.