Chelsea’s visit to Valencia for the Champions League next week has been classified as a ‘high risk’ event by the Spanish Anti-violence Commission, according to reports today.

Several outlets have been covering the news. El Desmarque brings a headline saying it’s a ‘pre-warning’ because of the ‘hooligans’ coming from the United Kingdom.

They bring a very informative article explaining all the plans put into action once a match is labelled as a high risk event.

Chelsea and Valencia fans will have separate access areas to the Mestalla, and the Spanish club will have the obligation of monitoring all groups of fans, both with security guards as with the local police.

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Marca is another one to use the ‘hooligans’ label. They write: “The police presence will multiply to avoid altercations with the English hooligans that usually move to these matches.”

The outlet also recalls the latest visit from a UK team to the Mestalla, when the police had to charged Celtic fans congregating around the city.

The rush to label football fans ‘hooligans’ is often one made in Spain, and perhaps influences the treatment those travelling supporters get.