Often, when big UK clubs travel to Spain for European matches, the media spends the run up to the game talking negatively about supporters.

That didn’t really happen with Celtic, with the expectation of a good atmosphere being covered repeatedly by the Spanish media.

Incidents on Wednesday evening change the approach slightly. There was a fire at a Rangers bar in Benidorm, a group of intoxicated Celtic fans were evicted from a train, and five fans were arrested for attacking police officers.

From the accounts of Celtic fans, the Spanish police were their usual heavy handed selves.

Yet even on Thursday afternoon, as supporters waited to watch Brendan Rodgers’ team in action, the local media were still covering the travelling Celtic army positively, talking of a ‘festive’ atmosphere and local bars making money.

That’s now changed again.

La Provincias, who were the ones praising the ‘festive’ atmosphere, go with a headline saying: ‘Celtic fans stop traffic after the game, break bottles and urinate in the street’

They also report that a 25 year old Celtic fan fell from the Puente de las Flores (Bridge of Flowers) whilst trying to take a selfie. The report says he was intoxicated and climbed railings on the bridge, before falling and causing a wound to his head.

Given how intoxicated he was, it was necessary to sedate him before the trip to hospital, according to the report. The medical staff had to call police to help.

It’s not thought the injury is serious.