It looks like Celtic fans won’t be getting a good reputation after their last visit to Valencia.

Before the Hoops faced the Spanish side in the Europa League this week, the local media had big coverage of the visit to the city, and it started very positively.

Besides the fights at bars, which led to the arrest of five people, one fan was detained for drug dealing, and another fell off a bridge trying to take a selfie.

Then on Friday night, Super Deporte reported that bus drivers have refused to take Celtic fans back to Benidorm after the treatment they got when working.

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Using sources from the police, Super Deporte claims that three drivers, including one woman, complained about ‘harassment, provocations, insults, threats and even harassment of a sexual nature’.

It’s reported that most Celtic ignored the bus rules, especially the one which says it’s not allowed to drink on board.

No arrests are reported, as it’s just claimed the drivers have refused to make the return trip.

Celtic fans also reported heavy handed tactics from police, as is often the case when UK clubs travel to Spain, and it’s a shame the pre-match good feeling has been somewhat tarnished on both sides.