Celta Vigo aren’t really showing a great duty of care towards Pione Sisto, if claims from their local newspaper are to be believed.

The player has recently been linked with Southampton, and a potential Saints move is covered by Faro de Vigo on Thursday, however, it’s what they say about Celta’s position which is a little concerning.

‘His declining prominence last season combined with depression and dangerous nutritional habits, such as following a radical diet consisting of feeding for several weeks just on fruit, have led to Celta deciding to put Pione Sisto on the market.’

Teammate Iago Aspas recently spoke publicly about the player’s situation, saying it’s ‘something serious’ and that he hoped the club were in contact with the 24 year old. Right now, it appears the Spanish side are keeping everything at arm’s length, just hoping someone else sorts it out for them.

Celta would prefer a sale which allows them to have a percentage of Sisto’s next transfer, presumably hoping his next club can help more than they have. A loan move isn’t ruled out.

Sisto is very talented and could be a good signing for Southampton, if that’s the move the player wants. Should he feel he’d be better leaving Celta behind then a transfer is the right course of action.