Thursday has been a bit of a strange day at Sport Witness, as we’ve spent some of our afternoon looking into comparisons between Danish footballers and superheroes.

Why? Because that’s what Ekstra Bladet in Denmark have published in their newspaper as they look for hope for the country’s football future.

Christian Eriksen is apparently the Green Arrow, while Kasper Schmeichel is their equivalent to Superman.

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg? Wolverine, naturally.

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 18.11.44

Yes, the new Southampton recruit, as Ekstra Bladet look at who can be Denmark’s superhero, is apparently the closest thing to James ‘Logan’ Howlett, the adamantium claw wielding X-man.

Why, we hear you ask.

Well, Ekstra Bladet reckon that ‘if someone tries to hold back Højbjerg or Wolverine, they’ll show their claws and tear opponents up’.

Not only that, but they both manager to ‘penetrate through even the most solid defences with their precise claws/feet’.

We didn’t write this, by the way. We’re just translating.

While Højbjerg might not be able to regenerate and doesn’t have a metal covered skeleton, he is, however, ‘ferocious, has a winner’s will and possesses precision’.

Close enough, right?