Mohamed Elyounoussi clearly feels at least a little hard done by.

Joining Southampton from FC Basel in the summer transfer window, the 24 year old was going about settling himself in when a tackle in training set him back somewhat.

Speaking to Aftenposten in his home country, Elyounoussi made it clear he’s not happy with the Saints teammate who made the tackle, although he didn’t go as far as naming the player concerned.

The attacking midfielder explained: “I’m still struggling with ankle pain.”

The incident happened on Friday September 21st, as the footballer was preparing to face Liverpool away for Southampton the following day.

“He came in from the side and hit me in the middle of the leg. The foot was stuck in the ground and it hurt very much. We had just prepared for the game the following day, and he realised he wouldn’t start. Perhaps there was frustration on his side. I do not think he went consciously to hurt me. But I said clearly. I can forgive many for so much, but to hurt a team mate the day before a match is not fine.”

Missing the Liverpool match, Elyounoussi went on to play against Wolves, a match he feels he probably should have missed, because it only served to make the situation worse.

Despite the continuing pain, he’s absolutely determined to play for Norway against Slovenia on Saturday: “It’s a bad ankle that’s not quite stable. It hurts to shoot, it hurts to run. But that pain I have taught myself to accept. I’m able to train with the pain. If it hurts on Saturday, I’m just taking painkillers. It is fine. I bite the pain, I sacrifice for my country.”

So, the question everyone wants answered is, who was it? Elyounoussi won’t say, but he did reveal it’s a ‘midtstopper’ which would be a central defender.