Oriol Romeu to Barcelona is very popular in Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo on Thursday. Not only is there an interview with the Southampton player, in which he talks about the possibility of a return to Barcelona, Romeu is also featured in an article on Barca DNA and potential returns.

Pictured as a youngster with much longer hair than he has now, Romeu is named alongside Thiago Alcantara and Hector Bellerin as possible transfers who would bring that Barca DNA back with them.

Mundo Deportivo say Barcelona ‘values the progression’ of Romeu and how he’s got through troubled times to now be an important player for Southampton.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 16.01.18Romeu has Barca DNA, but it’s been ‘enriched’ since he left the club and the results can now be seen under Claude Puel.

Despite the repeated Romeu articles, there’s no real suggestion or claim that Barcelona are about to make a move for the Southampton player.

The idea is nice because of Romeu’s history with the club, and that’s why it’s stuck around for the past couple of weeks.