Southampton’s chase for the Colombian midfielder Mateus Uribe has been strangely brought back to life by the Mexican media in the past few days.

It apparently started with scout specialist Billy Escobar. He claimed the Saints ‘may be interested’ in the America player.

We still can’t say if he’s right or not, but the fact is that what came after the claims was a bit of a rumour disaster.

That’s because website America Monumental brought a story saying the Premier League side are offering €25m for the player.

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They credit the claims to Colombia’s Radio Caracol, and to prove that, they include a link for Read Southampton. 

However, Read Southampton’s story is actually from a year ago. It’s likely that at the time they took the claims from Sport Witness, since we covered the news in June 2018.

It’s quite possible that this story will grow in the next few days, with mixed claims between Colombia and Mexico. So in case Saints fans see claims of this bid, they better not buy it.