Mario Lemina, as far as playing in the Premier League, is really enjoying himself at Southampton.

While the club’s situation might not currently be the best, the midfielder has still managed to impress on the pitch, which has led, from time to time, to a rumour appearing here and there about what his future might hold.

Clubs like Paris Saint-Germain, where his younger brother plays for the U14s, have been vaguely linked, yet that’s not a step in his career he’s particularly looking for right now, even if he isn’t completely dismissing it either.

Speaking to RMC Sport, relayed by Le10 Sport (we can’t find the original source anywhere), he said: “I would definitely prefer to play in an English club. Which one? I’d prefer to play in an English club (smiles). I really enjoy the English league, I’m happy, my family are happy, so it’s really important for me.

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“After that, a great club abroad, why not, I’m ready for any challenge, and my wish is to get back in the Champions League, play in it again and to really show how I’ve changed and that I’m not the same player as before.”

However, Lemina also pledged his future to Southampton a few days ago in an interview with Eurosport France.

The midfielder has featured in all but three of Southampton’s league games this season, with the misses all apparently fitness related, the latest from an abdominal injury that saw him be left out of the 0-0 draw agains Chelsea.