It’s now been three years since Cedric Soares made his move from Sporting to Southampton. But believe it or not, the transfer is a subject in the Portuguese press today.

Apparently, the €7m fee paid by the Premier League side wasn’t a fair price, at least if compared to other right-backs who were sold by the Lions’ league rivals.

It was Miguel Cal and Ricardo Farinha, members of a group which will run for the presidential elections at Sporting this year, who brought this topic back in an interview with newspaper Record this Sunday.

“The market value of players depends on their sports performance, which adds an intangible element of image. Sporting seem to have a problem in this dimension,” they said.

“Cédric was the only one of these fullbacks that got valued higher in the transfer market after the transfer, more than twice.”

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By ‘these fullbacks’, they refer to Danilo and Nelson Semedo. Danilo left Porto for Real Madrid in 2015 in a €31m deal. Semedo moved from Benfica to Barcelona last year for the same price.

As Cedric was sold to Southampton for only €7m, people at Sporting believe he should have cost more. And considering that the player has become a solid asset for the Saints, maybe they’re right.