Carlos Tevez has revealed that Antonio Conte’s Chelsea are interested in signing him for next season.

In a press conference at Boca Juniors, the 32-year-old said that despite the contacts from the European clubs, his wish is to stay in South America.

“I’m fine at Boca, actually: my idea, my dream is to finish my career playing for this wonderful club.” (via Calcio Mercato).

“Yeah, it’s true: Napoli and Chelsea have approached me. But I’ll repeat what I said first: my desire is to stay at Boca until I retire.”

The speculations regarding Tevez’ departure started when Boca Juniors were knocked out of Copa Libertadores. He was also linked to his former club Corinthians, but it seems he’ll keep his word and stay at home.

The striker’s performances for Boca have only shown that his happy life in Argentina may be a detriment to what happens of the pitch, since his recent form hasn’t been even close to how good he did during his last season in Europe.

Conte worked with him very succesfully at Juventus, so it’s no surprise Tevez is being linked to Chelsea