The Guillermo Varela situation seems more complicated than it should be. In Uruguay, EL Pais newspaper published an article reporting as a matter of fact that Varela will play for Franfurt next season.

There was no if, but or maybe, they’re of the opinion a deal is in place. El Pais say ‘his future is in Germany’ and he’ll arrive at Bundesliga side Frankfurt on loan.

However, in Germany it seems more complicated. It was the German media who first reported the Varela claims, and there’s something of a twist.

OP say Varela’s ‘contract rights’ remain with Real Madrid, so they have something to do with a transfer. We’ve seen similar previously, relating to image rights, but dismissed it, as it all sounds slightly odd.

In Uruguay they think their defender is going to Frankfurt, in Germany they believe a deal is close, just a little more complicated.