Uruguayan outlet Referi featured a story on Friday with details on the transfers that Montevideo City Torque have been doing in the past couple of years.

The club, which belongs to the City Football Group, recently spent €10m on new signings, which is of course something new for the local market, were is investment is usually at a lower level.

Now it turns that that one of those transfers includes a clause regarding a Manchester City move. That’s the one involving defender Renzo Orihuela.

Referi points out how unusual the transfer is, because Uruguayan football is ruled by local giants Nacional and Penarol, who are not used to selling players to other local teams, as it’s always more profitable to make deals with clubs outside of the country.

Montevideo City signed Orihuela from Nacional in a US$8m deal, which gave them 80% of his rights. And in case the player does well and ends up moving to Manchester City, then the transfer will include a bonus of US$5m.

After his transfer, the 20-year-old first stayed on a loan at the Bolso, and started playing for the City Group club in September. Since then, he has seven starts for them, and is certainly being watched by Pep Guardiola’s side.